Wednesday, 11 February 2009

What does he thinks he is doing?

I hate people that doesn't listen to the people that cares for them. Just like Mo didn't listen to Resa when she begged for him to go home to safe his and Meggie's life. But he refused to listen to her because of sheer arrogance and eagerness. So what if his heart is cold blooded now, why can't he listen to Resa and safe their lives before it is too late?!

Why can't my best friend just listen to me and spend the money that would actually help his condition when what he is doing is not helping him?? why does he have to make me worry over him? Can't he see that I have enough to worry about that I don't need to worry over his health too? I worry over what people would see of him at the first sight. I worry over his condition worsening and how it would affect his other organs. Can he at least just listen to me and stop wasting money over something that doesn't helps? He would gain so much more if he just takes my advice!

I don't want to lose a close friend like him.

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