Friday, 15 May 2009

long time

I haven't been posting anything on my blog since a looooooong lonng time ago, had a problem with my baby kimi and posting. I'm just going to ignore it.

I have to say, being a degree student is fustrating, I think I am the worst student UniSA has ever had. My assignments are imcomplete and I never past them up on time. I think I have even forgotten how to past them up in AssignIT. I have to work harder, but you know me, I only say it but I don't do it. That's why I'm still writing this post when I have to past up assignments on Monday. I'm lazy, I know and I'm also dumb. I don't have the intelligence of Ruby, Shanthi, Nicholas and Co.. I only know how to piggy back on my team mates and I feel so guilty about it. Well even if I do help I would only make things worst. Just think of me as Xiang Qing in It Started With A Kiss.

Mother's day was last week, I don't celebrate Mother's day. My mum doesn't believe in it, I don't too, ever since I heard her talk about Valentines day it convinced me that those days are just commercialism. I mean if you love your mum then you should love her everyday, why does it have to be that day that you have to love her?

Well I had better pen off, my assignments are heaping up, I need to finish my National TV report then get started on my Critique's essay which is due the day after next and also start answering my journal questions. I should really start aiming to not annoy my classmates with questions on how to do my assignments, but I can't because I'm just too dumb...

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