Friday, 5 June 2009


I am so weak!! I can't watch horror movies because I would get nightmares at night. I can't watch scenes that includes cutting human flesh because in my imagination I can actually feel the pain. I can even look at things that are ugly because it creeps me out, I just saw a picture of a breast with holes in it because the parasite in the bra attack it and now I'm actually feeling like my skin is all crawly and creepy because of it. I don't even know if that is real, I didn't even look properly at it and I've deleted it, even that few seconds of it that image is stuck in my brain and making me feel like crying.

I'm always the weak person in the group, in group discussions I can't contribute much because I haven't got any interesting points to help with the assignments and I'm always the only one that fails in the group. I can't watch horror movies and I can't do assignments well, then what exactly am I good at?!?!

Why am I always the weak one? Can't I be the strong and smart one??

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foolishmel said...

Lol! the email I forwarded! Sh*t! I forgot that u are afraid of those things... Sorry! but they are just friendly reminders... pls forgive me! u are good in writing! remember?? I think u will do a great job on helping your group writing and editing. :)