Friday, 12 March 2010

TVXQ! Love

Today I went to pick up my bride's maid dress in Lot 10 and then went shopping around, now that I've think about it I should have taken a photo of the Mirotic poster that was stuck on the window facing the door of the Tower Records store there. Maybe I shall update this post when I've got it, but anyway my main purpose of going shopping today was to go get a jacket from the store that sells all the Korean stuffies.

I found the Tohoshinki Best Selection album there!! But it costed RM120... Well anyhow I couldn't have any thoughts of buying that since I wanted to buy a jacket, I found one that is the same design that Jae Joong wore but too thick and you know that it is expensive, RM250. I saw one that is white with adorable cartoons on it but I don't know who was the person on the photo but its cute!! And another black jacket with gold cartoons on it, they are both RM200...

You don't really think that after a long period of time I would just blog about those petty things do you?? Of course not! Here's the main point.

Feeling dissapointed that I couldn't afford the jacket that I wanted I returned to Lot 10 and entered Isetan, I didn't notice at first but after a few steps I noticed that they were playing a Japanese song, whose song?? tentulah Tohoshinki!! My heart actually and really skipped a beat and I just grabbed my mum and froze at the middle of the road. Jae Joong's voice then Junsu's voice, my gosh so brilliant!! well too bad the song was already nearing the end. As my mum went to look at clothes I was just dreaming in Cloud 9 replaying the song in my head...

I really didn't know that I like TVXQ to this degree!! I thought I was just another normal fan!

For those of you that has never heard of My Destiny, here it is:


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