Sunday, 13 January 2008

A New Beginning Chapter 1

Jay is walking down an alley way. Dark and damp, rubbish on all sides. His detector was beeping louder and louder. A man and a woman's voice is heard, talking to each other lovingly at the end of the alley. Jay slowed to a stop then scan the man with the detector on his right wrist.
" Target confirmed. Name:Jeremy Lee the 1st. Ancestor of Jeremy the 3rd.
Success: Discovered a new mineral at the bottom of the ocean floor.
Harm: Earthquake
Age: 36 - has not discovered mineral."
"What? Who said that?" said the man squinting in the dark and finally noticing a dark figure standing in front of him and demanded: "who are you?"
No answer. the man stood up and glared at the figure. He demanded again: "I said, who are you?"
No answer again. Frustrated, the man started walking towards Jay. The man discovered it was just a boy in his early twenties.
"Go on get out of here, you have no business here.? still walking towards Jay. the man was now feet away from Jay. Without warning Jay produced a sword and drive it through the man. the man screamed. A bright light appeared from where the sword went in through his body and he began to deteriorate.
The sword was now poise in mid air. The girl staring wide eyed at him. fear in her eyes. Jay went towards her and placed a hand over her eyes. The girl disappeared, gone back to where she belong not a trace of memory of what just happened. Jay was now alone in the alley. He stood up and stare around the alley. Then a loud and cold voice echoed down.
"Well done. You may return now."
Jay nodded and walk forward into nothingness.

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