Thursday, 24 April 2008

after one month

well after a whole month of school I find that our school life wasn't as hard as I imagined. communication class is much more theoretical when you compare with other courses. Well there isn't much practical stuff to learn for a class in Mass Comm. Even though it is our first month, our class has been receiving complains that we are too noisy, well what do you expect?? We are a Communications class. Every teacher has been giving us severe warnings that they are going to detain us from taking the fuondations exam. But our class still manage to make a lot of noise.

I know this is our first Month but I just can't help complaining about other students. Just like today, they made such a hoo-ha about one lousy t-shirt design. After the commitee had\s come to a decision I just can't help listening to the sorority girls saying that the shirt is extremely ugly, "I don't want to buy it or wear it" well fine~ don't wear it, go naked for all I care, that would be an interesting free show on event day.

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chee yan 紫欣 said...

take care! all the best! kambateh! God bless... ^^