Tuesday, 8 July 2008

End of 1st Sem

Yes!!! end of semester!!! next will be the 2nd semester with 5 subjects and 5 exams to look forward to. oh dear... extra exam, 4 is stress enough already now 5?? The real subject that we can really look forward to is IT, we get to use the Apple Macs in the Media Hub!! That is cool!!!

Exam is well- I don't really know what it is. I think I got it right, but everyone knows that things have a way in turning out the way they never expect it to be. I know that I have passed my Malaysian Studies exam. but I don't know I really did for my other exams. English was a drag, spend 2 whole hours to do it, Was almost late for that paper. Intro to Mass com was ok, since I studied that the most. Unlike Malaysian studies and Intro to Human Comm, I only studied the essays. That explaines why I can write so long on the IHC Essay. 2 pages?? that is more then enough!!

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♥ Melanie ♥ said...

wy san. it's me. Melanie.

Long time no see! Glad to hear that u're doing great in skul (not really sure) u're a big girl now. can handle things well. i'm grateful for u about tht. =)

I have a blog too.. link me if u don mind. i'l link u too!