Sunday, 3 August 2008

Back to Schoool

The new Semester has started. I'm not thrilled but I have a few subjects set on the timetable to look forward to. Intro to IT and Media History sounds interesting, even better is when that we can use the Apple Macs in the I-Lab. Brilliant!!

I think I shlould really start driving for myself. Atleast find something to do during the breaks while waiting for a different class to start. The timing is just ridiculous!! Tuesdays I have to wait for 3 hours and on Wednesdays I have to wait 4 hours untill the next class. At least Fridays I get to go home early, I'm not at all complaining about having to wake up at 6am in the morning to go to class. I hope they wouldn't change the timetable anymore, I like Firdays, no longer having to end at 5pm like during the 1st semester.

I think I would go for some car pool activities. I can save on petrol and I can have a little company while walking into school. the problem is to find a person to carpool with. Any suggestions??

I also should really start to add more things to my blogs and link more with others. Oh and Mel, happy to be able to join!! But I need someone to teach me add the stuff. Anyone knows how to add photos into the blog please leave a comment. Oh and if you know how to add music leave one too.

I shouldn't be complaining but I really need to start finding someone that I can stick to. I've been hanging around with several different people and the result now is sitting in the Media Hub typing the moody message alone. That isn't what I want. I need a good friend in college just like in High school. actually I have several good friends and gangs to hang with. But why am I finding it so hard to find a close and good friend in college??

Well I've got to pen off here. I have to get to my next class. My first ever Media History class. I wonder if it would be boring since I perceive the Teacher as a no-fun type. I think I will grow to like Intro to IT though, the lecturer is friendly and young too. I thought he was a student who had entered to wrong class when I first saw him. *laugh*

Results of the Hungarian Grand Prix
1. Heikki Kovalainen
2. Timo Glock
3. Kimi Raikkonen

Felipe Massa had an engin failure while leading the race
Lewis Hamilton suffered from a tyre puncture.

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