Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I'm Lost

What was I thinking?? Why did I give up a perfect opportunity to be able to visit the main campus?? I have other excuses to tell if someone asked so why didn't I go?? I just gave on the 1 opportuinity to be able to visit the guy that I have had a crush on since Form 3 and hadn't seen him since our graduation. I didn't see him during results day too.

Well, I have other excuses to want to visit the main campus:
1. is that I haven't seen my girlfriends for a long long long long time. We could have seen each other if her paranoid boyfriend hadn't had a last minute change of mind.
2. I haven't ever been to the main campus in my life!!
I just can't believe I actually passed on this!! Doubtless there would be much hugging and air-kissing. I really miss them!!

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