Thursday, 14 August 2008


Call me shallow but I think I have a new target. I met him a long time ago, I think it was just the beginning of sem 1. During orientation night. He was a friend of my friend's. He was not that attractive that time, with that crew cut and the singlet. But I did notice his muscles.

I haven't seen him for a long time, but on Monday while I was sitting in the courtyard waiting for the next class and he came by and I 've got to say he looks good. I couldn't recognise him at all. He wave at me but I just stare wide eyed at him thinking if he was waving to someone behind me. Then I finally remember him and smile at him. And I talk to him, deliberately clapping myself on my back for complimenting how good he looks with longer hair. He asked about mine too, and I was surprise he remembered. I was amazed at my bravery at telling him my intentions to let it grow long. I wanted to mention on that day's blog entry but I didn't, or more accurately, deliberately missed out on it since mum was beside me.

I could not stop thinking of him. I saw him today again but was too in a rush to say much, but this time it wasn't because of my usual "reaching at the nick of time" timing. I was early - for once- and I was outside of class because I needed to get a book. And I met him on the way back. I think he has a girlfriend, which is a factor that will stop me. I can't help thinking that this time it is better then my old crushes because I am actually on talking terms with the guy.

Except for the fact that I found myself alone in the library again. But I met my friend Max again, I saw him at the Media hub at first then again at the library. I swear, the way we are behaving people would think we are having a relationship... Well we're not, we're just friends. Friends that live near each other so I can ask him for a ride home.

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