Monday, 11 August 2008

Not so boring

Today wasn't as boring as last week, I have spent my time writing furiosly on my blog while the others were somewhere else. I found out, and to my horror, I have to do a presentation tomorrow morning. I'm not prepared!! I thought it was just a stand at your place and show what you have found thing!! But it isn't!! Oh no!! that means I can't be able to watch the Olympics on TV later!! sign*

Well at least there is a little more entertainment today. I spend my morning createing a very boring brochure while the others went all out to do theirs. I was so ashamed of mine that I wanted to delete and not past it up. But all in all, it was interesting. I actually learn how to use photoshop and I can finally do more then just typing on the microsoft word.

I ate lunch, RM4.50 a small plate of noodles. My mind kind of stalled when the girl served me the noodles. It's a small plate!! Not big! The last time was RM4.00 and I heard on the news that noodles have reduced price and yet!!

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