Monday, 4 August 2008

early in the morning

sign* I have class at 8am this morning, then I would end at 12pm. Which means I will be able to enjoy the rest of the day at home in peace and quiet. Today is a bad day and tomorrow is too, the signs that show that today is a black day on the Chinese calender was my dad.

Not even 8am and he is already shouting his head off about everything, plus all the swear words you can imagine how horrible it sounds if you're not a morning person. Luckily I"m may not be a morning person but I do love spending some extra time in mornings. So I didn't complain but only sulk throughout the whole car ride to school. Mum actually asked if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed because of my sulkings, well who wouldn't sulk when the first thing they encountered in the day was a shouting father with all the swear words coming out??

School wasn't much fun either. My friends are all distant, not one I could hang around permenently and call a close friend. I wish I can find someone to call a close friend in college. I wouldn't mind if the person is a different race or religion just as long as I have someone to talk to and to teman me most of the time.

I also discovered that My not more the 1 month old cell phone has a glitch. Well it has been showing signs of problems not more then 2 weeks old, it is restarting itself just like my old nokia 6600 when it's hardware was spoiling. And then a few weeks later the screen was muddled and the whole thing needs to be restarted because I couldn't see what was going on. Now the shortcut button is out. Is there no end to my cell phone problems??

I came to the media hub to find my usual favourite place occupied by the annoying and noisy girl that so annoyed me yesterday, I have to take refuge upstairs in the stinky light bulb.

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