Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Stupid Me

Man~ my emotions are in turmoil dudes!! I'm suppose to be studying for my midterms but then it's my favourite race track of the season. So as usual I'm stressed out because of my laziness.

Anyway it isn't only because of racing that I didn't study, it's because I have been so caught up with my MMH assignment that I have totally neglected my IT assignment. So I have to spend the whole weekend finishing my assignment instead of studying media history. Well I needed to get someone else's answer to study because, not only did I not pass up my tutorial assignment, I also did not finish it. So if I pass my midterms it would be all thanks to Ruby's answer.

Not only that, my favourite driver have just missed out on his first ever win after 4 months. sign* Kimi Raikkonen, it's hard to be a fan of someone that just hasn't got the luck to win. As usual Hamilton is the winner and in my opinion this is his second lowest move to win the race. The lowest thing he has ever done to win a race was when he pushed both Massa and Piquet off the road to get his place. Well the guy has got to stop complaining and be grateful that he has thirf place finish, if it were up to the audience he should have been disqualified instead of a 25 second penalty. Low Life... that's my new nick name for him.

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