Thursday, 11 September 2008

One more day

One more day...
One more day...
That is what I have been telling myself the whole week. I am seriously stupid to be neglecting my studies right now to read news of Formula 1. I think I'm going mad about Formula 1. Don't tell Mum though, she would sooo yell at me if she knew. That 3 words have been my motivation for the past few days.

I'm not exactly doing really well in my midterms this semester. I didn't study because of my hatred to certain subjects and laziness for chosing to watch tv rather then study. So that's it then, the reason why I did badly in my midterms. Another reason is that I did study, for my moral. But when I went for the exam yesterday I couldn't remember anything at all. The part where I love most was about the religions of Malaysia but there were only a few questions on it and mostly on questions from Chapter 2. Darn it... The short answer question was a dread also. I don't know how to explain the moral virtues of Altruism, Responsibily, Humble, Justice and Fairness!! I don't even know what does Altruism means!!

Today was english. There isn't much to study on English and the only thing to do is that to hope and pray that you have enough general knowledge on the essay question. I think that the feng shui in that class in not for me. When I did my comprehension I just couldn't get the words the stick in my brain long enough to process them. So I thought I would skip that part and do others first and then come back to read and do it again. Who knew that I actually didn't have enough time to do so. I ended up rushing the end of my essay (and I hope that the last paragraph has a hundred words in them) and then went back to my comprehension with just 5 minutes to spare. So with just 5 mins I resolve to using the most basic technique of answering question. Yap that's right: tembak la~

I would be so glad when this week in over, add another week to suffer from anger at myself and dissapointment, and then get on with life. That simple.

*sign* I would really have to work very very very hard on my Finals to past my subjects. As my friend, Ruby says: " We can't afford to fail..."
Now that's not what you hear everyday.

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