Saturday, 13 September 2008

Is Lewis criticizing Kimi??

Well well, I just read the news articles and I think I hear Lewis criticizing the Wealthy-and-Mad world champion Kimi. Lewis says he is cool, but the way he talks is dripping with arrogance. Now that is something you don't see from a Formula 1 driver everyday. Keep up the criticism Lewis, you're doing a great job. Too bad none of us really cares about the things he says. So what if he got alot of encouragement from even fans from other teams? An advantage is an advantage so he has to deal with it, the arrogant git....

Today's weather is sooooo hot!! I've already drank 4 cups of water and am still thirsty. When we want it to rain it never comes, but when we don't want it to rain it just wouldn't stop. Reminds me of the drama we learned for sastera during form 4. The weathers were debating which other of who was the best... Are they doing that in the heavens??

So tomorrow is Mid-Autumn festival. Again F1 is getting in the way of things. Luckily there isn't any of my favourite singers attending the concert on CCTV. It was beautiful last year, not to mention interesting too. Where else can you see 2 of your most favourite singers in one concert?

The internet is so slow today, I wish I could just watch the Youtube vids without waiting for it to load. I've already watched Hot shot and I'm now waiting to watch Woody and Sanbo. The next I would love to watch the series staring Wilbert, don't really know the name of the series yet.

So who is going to win the race this weekend? I would hope it is Kimi, but then again I think Massa should win too, and wipe that smirk off of the arrogant git's face. "they will find it hard to keep up" show him what you're made of horses!!

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