Thursday, 2 October 2008

Let us Welcome!

Before I start this blog entry, I would like to have a one minute silence to honour the death of Paul Newman. A racer and a good actor, who died of cancer on Saturday night.

Last week's Singapore GP ended with the most unexpected winner, Fernando Alonso? how did the guy win the race? Well ok, so I was watching the race but it was still unexpected! Rosberg, the guy that was quoted on a Facebook page to be "dissapointing" ended up in 2nd place, and he is just lucky that his old friend, the Arrogant Hamilton, did not overtake him after the 2nd restart of the race. I think he should thank Kimi Raikkonen for crashing out and being unable to overtake Timo Glock to put pressure on Mr.Arrogant.

Poor Raikkonen, that is the 4th time he did not score any points at all. What's with him and unreliable cars? He left Mclaren because of unreliable cars, and you've got to admit that his car is always breaking down, to go to Ferrari to face the same problem. That is what cost Michael Schumacher his last Championship in 2006 because of the engine failure in Suzuka.

Well, I'm glad he has finally given up on his World Championship dreams and focus on helping the team and Massa. So now I can watch him race without shaking my head from time to time.

Anyway, I want to welcome a new electronic member of the family. I have decided to name my new notebook "Black Pearl" since it is balck and my favourite ship in Pirates of the Caribean is the Black Pearl. An Asus F80L. bought it without the OS so that I can install an XP inside it. DO you know that the Vista is just a waste of Processor space? Well at least that what I will call it from now on.

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