Sunday, 26 October 2008

Family Problem again

My Dad came home yesterday, he didn't say much not even to ask if my dog has eaten or not. He just came in and went upstairs to take his bath. I was in the computer room that time. I even greeted him and didn't get a response.

Well, I went downstairs at first then went upstairs again to get my water bottle to fill. I haven't came down and he was already downstairs and shouting about who left the TV on and the first thing that he said was me leaving the TV on when I'm upstairs. I heard what he said and told him to not blame me and hence the arguments started.

He said he only "asked" me why I left the TV on, oh yeah right like I don't know the difference of being asked and being blamed. He also said when did I learned to behave like I was being fitnah about something, why can't I just talk properly and also that he just "asked" me and I was making so much noise. Excuse me, I only said "don't blame everything on me" that is make a lot of noise... The last time I check that was just one sentence and 5 words 7 syllables. He was the one making all the noise!

Then he turned on the fan which didn't respond because my mum turned off at the controls and not at the switch and he started to shout about why she turned it off there. Then when we finally sat down for dinner my mum pushed the soup bowl to the center of the table and he said "no, push it further away" What? now we are ganging up on him?

Just because he lost money in his horse racing doesn't mean he can take it out on us. We didn't tell him to gamble so big did we? We weren't the ones that wanted to be greedy did we? And I never said I wanted a new car, he was the one that wanted to buy a new car first!

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Kawan Setia said...

Whoops, sad for you. Yea I understand when that happens, it happens a lot to me (minus the gambling part. Take care, and see you soon!