Sunday, 26 October 2008

Astro - hate and love at the same time

I am a Formula 1 fan, so I love to watch the races and where else can you watch the race other then on Astro?

I love Astro, I get to watch the sports live on Star Sports and also enjoy brilliant commentary by Steve Slater and the guest commentator. I also like watching the show before the race called Race Day where we get to learn more about the sport. Well, other then Formula 1 I also watch the FIA World Touring Car Championship, that race is only showed on Eurosport and not on normal TV. The A1 Grand Prix is also a no show on normal TV, I can only watch the race on ESPN.

I also love to watch Cartoons on Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and also Cartoon Network. Totally Spies is my favourite Cartoon, and I like the teen Flicks on Nickelodeon. I used to watch Teen Titans, Shou lin Showdown and quite a number of cartoons on Cartoon Network.

I hate Astro because whenever it rains I won't get to watch the shows. And how could I watch the race if it rains. And when the repeat airs it is on a time that is impossible to catch, I'm either in school or tuition, just like I missed the race in Brazil last year where Kimi Raikkonen won the World Championship. The most exciting race and I missed it. 1 year later and I'm still fuming over how I missed that race.

And in March, my Cartoon Network channel broke down, I complained to my parents and they called Astro. They want us to pay RM50 just for a simple inspection. That is too outrageous!! What if it wasn't my Satellite or decoder problem and just their cable wire's problem? That payment is just a waste isn't it?? I called all my friends and sister and they said that their Cartoon Network channel was still working perfectly, so why is it mine wouldn't work? And AStro just wants me to pay when we don't really know what the problem is?? That is just UNFAIR!!! UNFAIR I tell you, JUST UNFAIR!!!

But at the same time, how are we going to live without Astro? No Astro means no live coverage on Sports and also no live concerts to watch during Chinese New Year. So that's why I say, I hate and love Astro at the same time.

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