Monday, 27 October 2008

What Happen

Yesterday at about 7 something, the electricity went out, the whole Sri Petaling hasn't got any electricity for less then 1 hour.

My Dad came in, ate dinner and just went out to the living room. I eat dinner very slowly and I'm always the last to finish. Another silent dinner. He is totally ignore us and didn't even pay hid to any of us. When the electricity went out he just went outside, my mum asked if the rest of the houses had any electricity he just ignored us.

A few minutes later, he came in and took the keys and left without saying anything to us or where he was going. We went upstairs to hang around in the aircond room where there is at least a little cold air left. He came back then started yelling about the torchlight.

Just because my mum didn't charge the torchlight the last time we used it and he started scolding her. I felt so guilty for taking the last torchlight in the house and because he couldn't find that he yelled at my mum.

I know that it is my fault for offending him, but what about my mum? She didn't do anything to let him yell at her. The cold war now is just getting on my nerves. He isn't talking to me or my mum. What part do we play in him losing money? I don't get why it is us that has to suffer when he was the one to blame.

My sister is lucky she doesn't has to endure this cold war when she was young. But it is times like this that I really wish that I have a close sibling to talk to and to share this feeling with. I don't really care if that brother or sister is younger then me or not. Just as long there is someone then I'm happy.

But who will listen to me? Who can help me?

I hate my life now. I don't feel like living anymore. Being liveless is tempting now.

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Kawan Setia said...

Kid, relax. Try talking to the friends, we're here. Just keep calm, and we'll see you tomorrow.