Thursday, 30 October 2008

Threats from Mum

My Mum has recently threaten me that if I do not get my friends to pronounce my name properly then she will force me to change my name.

Jerrica, the name is not recorded in any dictionary unlike Michelle or whatever. Even now using the Firefox it is telling me that it is a wrong spelling.

People had started off calling me JAriKA back when I was young, and my mum had tirelessly corrected them over and over again until they finally pronounce it correctly. In Secondary school my friends don't call me by that name but everyone loves teasing me and calling me JAriCARRR. My Mum of course had glared at those teasers everytime they called me that. And then there are the people who just called me Jerika. Which sounded weird because of the missing R. In college my friends has been calling me JerriKA which is almost similar to back when I was 6 years old.

The right pronunciation of my name is JER-RI-CA. The ending is a "ke" not a "ka". So I really hope that I could get my friends to pronounce it correctly or else my Mum is going to force me to change my name.

Or should I just take a leaf out of Piaget's book to change my name every now and then??


Kawan Setia said...

If we can't pronounce your name properly, we'll call you by your real name. I'm also thinking of getting people to call me by MY real name, sick of hearing the nickname all the time.

Formula 1 Fanatic said...

yaya... i think real name is better than d nickname. Of cuz you can have a nickname if u think your real name is not so nice to pronounce.

J said...

I have no idea what you guys are saying since I never mention anything about a nicknames dudes and dudettes...