Saturday, 1 November 2008

1 week

After today then I haven't talked to my dad for 1 week. He ignores me, he doesn't even look at me and I'm just invisible to him. I know that he doesn't wants me anymore. Where can I go then? I still can't go to Australia, I don't have to money and what can I do if I went? I still need to finish my studies here.

Mum is just acting like this is normal. I guess I will have to keep this up until I leave this house. But why would I leave this house when this house is under my name?? Maybe for working reasons or studies. But that isn't until a few years from now, plus I'm not an independent person, how am I going to live without mum? This isolation shall continue to the day I leave.

Well today is the most boring weekend I've had since a few months ago before I started watching FIA WTCC. Tonight's race is the last Formula 1 race. Its going to be boring without the races. Even the FIA WTCC is ending! But I've still got A1 to watch. That can keep me company in this isolation till my birthday for sure.


Jaycee said...

dear, cheer :)

Kawan Setia said...

Hamilton for you...must be hating him more than ever lei...