Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I hate my Voice

I've never really heard my own voice before and as I talk I always thought that I no longer sound like a baby anymore untill just recently I heard my voice when I was interviewing one of my fellow students.

Why hadn't anyone ever tell me before that my voice is like a baby? high pitch and shrill, no wonder one of my most disliked teachers complains that she can hear me talk all the time. She use to embarass me in front of my classmates about my voice. But I thought I grew out of that voice!! I really thought so!!

Now I know why my classmates hate me, I know that they have always say me as a faker but I didn't know the reason that made them think me a faker was because of my voice. It must sound like I'm trying to pretend to be a little girl and my age will surely make them think even more.

I hate my Extremely Annoying voice!! I hope everyone will forgive me for having this annoying little girl voice, I'm not pretending it is just my voice. And believe me when I say that I really didn't know that I have such an annoying voice because to me I sound like an adult, a normal teenager!!

1 comment:

Kawan Setia said...

Oi chill kid, there's nothing we hate abt ur voice, and those who do seriously have to stop acting childish themselves...