Thursday, 20 November 2008

Jerri's book review

I've recently bought a new book called Twilight. Yes I know it is the latest movie that will be released on November 27, but I like to read the book before I watch the movie. I learned my lesson when I watched the Lord of the Rings movies and then bought the book, I couldn't find the motivation to finish the book because I keep expecting to read a scene in the movie.

Anyway back to the book, it is more of a romance book rather than an adventure book. It is told from the perspective of Isabella Swan, Bella for short. She moved to Forks, Washington just to let her mother, Renee, travel with her new husband who plays ball. Bella went to live with her father, Charlie in a place where she dislikes because there is too much rain to her liking.

There Bella meets new friends and became a porpular target of boys, but the only person that she is interested with is a boy named Edward Cullen, her biology partner. She observes Edward. She then came to a conclusion that Edward is not human.

I think that this book is really interesting. I so disagree with the reviews those people gave about the book. It at least has a different story line than other teen "Flicks" (that's what I call the books that are written for teenagers to read just like series and all those junk).

I think it is creative and interesting even though I don't really understand what the vampire is saying.

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