Thursday, 6 November 2008


Ok, I recently remembered about the whole Datukship for the indian guy, what's his name again? Shah Rukh Khan right? I asked my mum if he really did get the datukship and the answer is he did. So I thought about the reason he was given the datukship : because he did a movie that promotes Malaysia. I don't think he deserves 1 still, I mean at least Jean Todt is married to a Malaysian and also have a house here!

If he were to have a Datukship for promoting a movie that I doubt he even remembers why is it that Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica doesn't get one too? They know they advertise for Petronas and Heidfeld even quoted this year:
“For years now the Malaysian Grand Prix has been rather a special race for me. Petronas, of course, was already a partner of Sauber when I was driving for them from 2001 to 2003, and we used to do promotional tours around the country. As a Formula One driver you usually don't get to see much beyond airports, hotels and race tracks as there simply isn't the time to get to know a country and its people. But in Malaysia I've already managed to get around quite a bit and I feel very much at home there. It always takes a while to get acclimatized to the combination of heat and high humidity, but that's never been a problem for me. The circuit is an attractive and challenging one. Last year I had a great race in Sepang and finished fourth. I managed to get past Felipe Massa and kept the Ferrari in check behind me.”
last year he quoted: "For me, one of the nice things about my job is the travel, and I've got to see quite a lot of Malaysia. Petronas was a Sauber partner in my earlier spell with the team as well, and came up with new ideas each year. For the Malaysian people, the state-owned company is like an icon. They greet us with such pride, because we are taking the company name around the world. It's really impressive."
as for Kubica he said this year: "The Malaysian Grand Prix is a very special race for us on account of our partner Petronas. We have a lot of fans rooting for us there.”

At least they know why the people in Malaysia honour them, even I am a big fan of BMW Sauber bacause of Petronas. The Malaysian GP is considered as one of the home GP of this team from Munich and Hinwil.

Speaking of which, I think that the YDP Agong should really give datukships to Eddie Irvine who is the Master of the Malaysian Grand Prix as he is the first driver to have won the Malaysian GP. Why not give Kimi Raikkonen a datukship too since his maiden victory is in Malaysia.

Oh and don't forget the Survivor Borneo bunch, that's the 1st ever Survivor show was first filmed in Borneo. They should give it to them and also to Richard Hatch for winning it in Malaysia!!

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