Friday, 14 August 2009

What I am going to do??

My parents just purchased a new phone that is of no brand. Its made in China and a touch screen that costs only RM400. Ya, I know cheap, but what about the radiation that phone emmits??

I just can't believe it! my parents just bought the phone without even talking to me! I'm the one that knows the latest technology and that which is more reliable! But no! they didn't even talk to me or just plain tell me until they brought the damn thing home!!!!

Everyday they tell me not to sit too near the tv because it isn't healthy or don't face the TV or the notebook (BAby Kimmy) so much or put the notebook outside the room or switch off the main switch when you're not watchding the tv. And now they themselves bought a phone that emmits high radiation!!

There is one thing that I learned while growing up is to practice what you preach. I've always been angry whenever they don't do as they taught me too and now this situation just pisses me off. I don't even care about my vow to never ever say a curse word now I just want to shout it out!!!

They want to get cancer fine, I'm still young I don't want to die so soon!!!!

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shurong said...

darling sansan !! found you ^^
what's the phone model btw ='( dont be sad larh =) when's your holiday, we go have a movie =)