Sunday, 14 December 2008

Jealousy and Envy

So I went to Ipoh a week ago, I know my twin is still marvelling over how my dad took 2 hours and a little bit more to drive up and down. Yap thats all my dad took to fly. Surprisingly I sat and watch the road instead of reading a book like I always to when we drive up to Penang.

Dad went off to his precious horse racing which is only next door to the hotel we were living in and Mum, my aunt and uncle went off to visit relatives. We went to visit my cousin who had inherited his father's gold smith shop at a run down boring shopping complex. After lunch we went to visit another cousin of mine at his house. There I met my nephews and niece, Jared, Justine and Julian. Here is where envy started to surface.

I have always marveled at how those with brothers and sisters that are actually close to their age interact with each other. I never ever get to experience that even though I have a sister and a brother of my own. They are just so much older then I am to even bother playing with me or sharing a certain something with me. They don't give a damn for cars and I am seriously mad about cars.

Well Jared Justine and Julian are so close with each other. I sat on the sofa pretending to listen to my cousin talk about his motivation camps and watch as they played a computer game. The eldest one Jared, who is the same age as I am, was playing, the other two were betting that he wouldn't get past to the next level. I don't even get to do that to either of my siblings...

What was worst was during the dinner. They sat across from me, well Justine and Julian did. I chat with them as if I knew them for a long time. Like old friends meeting each other again. Julian kept throwing random questions at me, questions such as "who's your favourite singer?" and all that.

What really got him interested was when he asked me if I have a million dollars what will I do with the money. I answered the first thing that came to my head which is to donate all of it. He didn't believe what I said, even I don't really believe if I would really do it. He told me that if he has 1 million dollars he would buy a Skyline, he would take out the back seats and replace them with loud speakers, he said he wants to deafen himself when he drove that car. I commented that the backseats are just weight adding neccesity, he agreed to it and also said it would be expensive. He was surprised that I knew so much about cars, I told him that I was a car freak and he high fived me. He also commented that I was his type of girl because you don't easily bump into the girl whose mind is full of cars...

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