Friday, 12 December 2008

My review

Man!! I have finally started on my movie review on Gladiator, and I'm lucky I did because I found out that I did the wrong opening for my review. I think I have come up with a suitable intro but I haven't write it down. Well I did but it was on a paper napkin from Carl's Jr when Ruby, Nora and I went to celebrate Ruby's birthday a few days ago.

I don't know what to do with it. We are suppose to write only 1 and a half page but my synopsis is already one page long and I've already left out alot of facts... How am I going to fit in all my opinions about the movie. sign* why can't it be a movie like Wild Child or Twilight?? Why does it have to be Gladiator. If I hadn't choose Gladiator it would be Sweeney Todd and V for Vendetta, FYI I don't watch horror movies and V for Vendetta is just too action packed to my liking. Another choice is Titanic. Why would I want to further depress myself by watching soap operas when I'm already depressed enough about homework? And another 1 is a movie that I have never ever heard of, I don't even know the name so how am I to seek out that movie.

Again I went book hunting at MPH, but as I've suspected there isn't stock of the book I want and the other is still in hard-cover form that I can't afford. When we went to Porpular bookstore I wandered off with a horribly sick stomach to the magazine section. I wasn't planning on buying the December issue of F1 Racing magazine and I wasn't dissapointed. Almost every page you can see Lewis Hamilton's ugly face printed across and everyone's, down to the ex-world champs, praise for the "Youngest Ever" driver and the "First ever Black" to have won the world Championship. What are the others?? Rotten fish? I don't see how big a complishment it is since I do live in a country that is multi-racial. I'll bet Mr. Arrogant is liking all the fame. then again he has always enjoyed it or else why would he have a Pussycat for a girlfriend??

I watched the movie Wild Child. I wanted to watch Bolt but it was too xpsv. Only the 3D version was available nothing else. It was interesting. I can only say that the guy playing Freddie's voice is so different that I couldn't recognise it.

Penning off now. I hope that Ruby could send me the proposal format, I have completely no idea how to start it or how to write it for that matter. I was staring at Baby K. yesterday at a blank MS Word screen...

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Kawan Setia said...

I sent you the proposal. And yea, why the hell we can't do newer movies I can't guess.