Thursday, 4 December 2008

Jerri's book review

I've bought and read the book New Moon, the second book to Twilight, it is about how Edward Cullen left Bella thinking that it would be safer for her if he stays away from her. Bella falls into depression and seeks help from her new friend Jacob Black who turns out to be a werewolf.

Well I think this book makes sense, I mean it is true that the depression really will kill you when someone that you really truely love suddenly leaves you and it kills you to want to know how and what he or she was doing. I should know what it feels like since I didn't quite recover from it untill 2 years later...

I don't care what the critics say about how Stephanie Meyer portrayed Bella as helpless and weak since she couldn't seem to live without Edward. But I think they should really ask themselves how they had felt when they had to suffer from what Bella is going though.

In my opinion this book really tells how going through a breakup is like, at least it is giving teens an idea what it would be like and prepare them to feel what it is like. Unlike me, I had to go through with the whole experience all alone, no one could help me at all. Bella is considered lucky that she has so many people there to help her through.

PS, I can't really write down the whole plot just in case someone comes across this and hadn't read the book. You know who I mean...

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